Firefly Intranet & Extranet (with Integration to Navitaire)

We custom developed Firefly Intranet application for Firefly staff usage. Features includes:

Customer Support System
Document Management System
Voyage Reports
Offline Booking
Group Bookings
Credit Card Refund

Firefly Extranet application for Firefly supplier and external partners like agents, bus & taxi operators, insurance provider and merchant banks.

Both websites are developed using ME-Tech web development platform, with key components like the content publishing workflow management etc. It is also tightly integrated with Navitaire New Skies using web service

Features includes:

Agent Skysales Self User Creation and Management
Secure PNR verification
Passenger manifest for bus, taxi operators
Credit card checking
Custom reporting for charter customers
Custom reporting for insurance provider

Project Duration : 3 months
Project Type : Fixed cost/fixed time
Team Size : 3 people
Technology : Linux, MySQL, PHP, AJAX, Navitaire New Skies (web service API/ODS)

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