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AirAsia BIG

We are part of the team to deliver three project for AAB:-

  1. AirAsia BIG Website
  2. AirAsia BIG Web Redemption
  3. AirAsia Mobile App

AirAsia BIG Mobile App


AirAsia BIG Mobile App is a mobile application that allows customers to collect the AirAsia BIG Loyalty Points and redeem the points to purchase airline tickets using their smartphones and tablets.


AirAsia BIG Web Redemption



AirAsia BIG Web Redemption for public users to book flight tickets with AirAsia BIG Loyalty point redemptions. 


 AirAsia BIG Website


 A CMS-based website for AirAsia BIG. Information displayed to users such as basic information about AirAsia BIG as a company, events to be held, picture gallery, promotion fair etc.


The website is developed using ME-Tech web development platform with key components like the content publishing workflow management etc.