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We are part of the team to deliver three project for Firefly:-

  1. Firefly Flight Booking Website
  2. Firefly Intranet Application
  3. Firefly Mobile App

Firefly Mobile App


Firefly MobileApp is a mobile application that provides a booking flight services to ios/ android customer.

Firefly Flight Booking Website



Firefly Flight Booking website for public users and agents to book flight tickets. 

Url : http://booking.fireflyz.com.my

Project Duration : 3 months

Project Type: Fixed cost/fixed time

Team Size: 6 people

Technology: Microsoft, .NET, ASP, AJAX 


 Firefly Intranet Application


 Firefly Intranet application for Firefly staff usage. Features inclusive:-

  •             Customer Support System
  •             Document Management System
  •             Reporting
  •             Offline Booking


The website is developed using ME-Tech web development platform, with key components like the content publishing workflow management etc

Url : http://firefly.intra.net.my
Project Duration : 1 month
Project Type: Fixed cost/fixed time

Team Size: 3 people

Technology: Linux, MySQL, PHP, AJAX